T4 KartPlex Rules

  • Waste gas, oil, rags and aerosol cans must be disposed of in the proper Safety-Kleen disposal bin located in the parking lot.
  • No staking in pavement. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • No driving go-karts or any other motorized vehicles in the parking area.
  • Dogs are permitted, but must be leashed at all times.
  • Trailer parking overnight and inside the gate is only permitted Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • All trailers must leave the premises by Monday evening.
  • Camping is not permitted unless noted on our website Hours page.
  • Entrants under 21 must walk, no wheeled scooters, bikes, quads, etc. Walking only.
  • No driving motorized vehicles in the parking area.
Kart and Bike Owners

Every driver must sign an informational practice document once a year that will be kept on file, shown below:

  • Every driver must have a T4 KartPlex profile account, pay a day pass or membership fee to drive on track and show current wristband to the grid official before entering the track.
  • Minor drivers must meet the sign-in requirements.
  • Drivers must be in an age-appropriate chassis and motor.
  • Never drive backward inside the grid or on the track.
  • Please understand that this is a practice day and NOT RACE DAY.
  • We will use the blue flag when possible, but it is your responsibility to pass other karts safely with no contact.
  • Keep in mind all different skill levels will be practicing in your run group.
  • Never walk on the track without prior authorization.
  • If the KartPlex staff determine that you are unsafe on track, our policy is to issue you a full refund and revoke driving privileges.
  • Maximum lap times may be in effect on busy days.
  • A full refund will be issued if track time is not possible for a driver.

Typical practice day run group order with all owners present:

  • Group 1: Kid Kart (short track)
  • Group 2: Cadet Karts (Slower than 48 seconds)
  • Group 3: Full Size Karts (Slower than 4 seconds)
  • Group 4: Full Size Karts (Faster than 47 seconds)
  • Karts and drivers are categorized by type, age, and speed.
  • Know your class; ask the Grid Steward if unsure.
  • No driving karts in the parking area.
  • All drivers must come to a slow, controlled stop on track if the red flag or red lights are shown.
  • You are required to meet the dB limit.
  • Max noise decibel levels are as follows: 85bd 4 stroke, 95db 2 stroke.
  • You must keep your pit area clean and dispose of waste properly.
  • All camping and trailer parking rules must be adhered to.
  • Any foul language or bad behavior will result in the loss of driving privileges and expulsion from the facility.
  • Full gear is required at all times, which includes driving shoes/sneakers, long abrasive-resistant pants, abrasive-resistant jacket, gloves, neck collar for junior/cadet drivers, full face helmet.
  • "X" on back of helmet is required for beginners.
Kart Rentals
  • Drivers must meet the sign-in rules/requirements listed on our rental page.
  • You may use your own full-face helmet for rental karting.
  • An approved neck collar must be worn on track.
  • Unsafe driving, bad behavior, or foul language will result in loss of driving privileges.
  • The use of alcohol before driving is strictly prohibited.
Other Requirements
  • Important: Please review all T4 KartPlex Rules and Regulations.
  • Kart owners must meet a dB noise limit that is measured from a set ‘sound station’ with an industry standard measuring device.
  • 2-stroke kart engine noise limit: 95dB, 4-stroke kart engine noise limit: 85dB
  • There is no set tech inspection that karts must pass. However, T4 KartPlex reserves the right to deny entry onto the track if a kart is deemed unsafe, too loud or has the potential to damage the track surface.
  • Kart owners must have gloves, close-toed shoes, pants, and a long sleeve jacket.
Hours of operation
Mon: Private Events Only
Tue:  Private Events Only
Wed: 12pm - 8pm
Thu:  10am - 8pm
Fri:    10am - 8pm
Sat:   10am - 8pm
Sun:  10am - 8pm
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